Let’s talk about my NFT. AZUKI ARAI

Do you know Japanese youkai Azukiarai?

Shunsen Azuki arai

Azukiarai is a youkai that makes a noise and washes beans in the river!

What kind of impression do you have of youkai? Many youkai stories are horrifying. However, youkai do not hate people.

Think of youkai as wild animals.
The modification is different from us humans. Lions and bears attack people, that is instinct of animals.

Lions and bears do not hate humans.

The same is true for youkai.
Youkai don’t hate people, but they sometimes do harm people.
That makes people feel scared of youkai.

That ’s why youkai are scary.

Youkai is innocent.

I feel that youkai have a very innocent and pure mind.

Youkai do not dwarf, calculate, or profit.

Youkai live only with pure instincts and strange habits like animals.

This innocent way of life is the reason why I like youkai.

It is often said that youkai can be seen by children, but adults cannot feel their existence.

We adults who are thinking only about profits, It may be a good time to think about youkai.

This is the reason why I made this youkai NFT. And this NFT hasn’t sold yet. I’m surprised at that fact.

If you’re curious about youkai, please buy my NFT.
That is the consumer behavior you need.



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